teethwhitening-picTEETH WHITENING:

At Franklin Dental, we understand the value and importance of not only healthy smiles, but beautiful smiles as well. A bright smile is a confidence-booster and also a sign of youth and well-being.

Franklin Dental offers two types of tooth whitening systems:

  1. In-Office (‘FAST&MILD) Systems provide the greatest convenience
  2. Custom trays (mouth guard whitening) has long been dependable and predictable method of dental office tooth whitening.  The client has the greatest control over the amount of whitening desired.

We are proud to offer FAST & MILD in-office tooth whitening. 
We are proud to offer FAST & MILD in-office tooth whitening.
In approximately an hour, you can have your teeth whitened while you relax in the dental chair.  The teeth are isolated to protect the gums from the powerful whitening gel and the blue light used.  Light is shone on the gel-coated teeth for a period of time.  After an hour,(in most cases) the teeth have lightened noticeably.  A Whitening Pen is provided for periodic touch ups.
Existing tooth coloured fillings and porcelain restorations will not be affected by the whitening process.  Once the teeth have reached the desired new shade, these restorations can be replaced with the new color.

We have a very high level of confidence in FAST & MILD whitening.  Contact us for more information and a free consultation!


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